custom bamboo fabric

Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo Fabric

Here is a range of reviews of our Bamboo Fabric. Made for all kinds of occasions and recipients, these customers have experienced the quality and super fast delivery that we offer, so hopefully you might be inspired by some of their suggestions! Making your own Bamboo Fabric brings your favourite images and designs to life; and our special printing technique enables us to make a unique product just for you.

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  • testimonials Brilliant quality
    Fabric was excellent quality, photographs well reproduced and a speedy delivery even considering current delays. Excellent to cut and use in quilt.

  • testimonials Excellent printing!
    The quality of the photos reproduced onto fabric are excellent, as is the turnaround time.....48 hours! I am always pleased with these products and this was my 6th order! However.....I ask for the prints to be sent 'as it comes' and as last time, they were cut far too close to the print and no seam allowance is given, therefore, part of the print disappears into the seam when stitched into my quilt design. Previously, an ample allowance was given. So..please can you add at least 1/4" seam allowance around the prints when reproducing onto fabric?

  • testimonials perfect
    Quality was really good. I got everything, what I expected.

  • testimonials Fabric Printing for Smile for PEACE
    Amazing fabric quality and the print was perfect. They are being used in an artwork titled, Peace Be With You. :-) Really beautiful. Thank you and Peace

  • testimonials Great
    Great product and quality. Very impressed.