• How does it work?

    o You create your designs on our website, save them to ‘my products.’ Create a store on our platform. Connect your Shopify store and your Bags of Love products should appear in your Shopify account

    o Customer orders from your Shopify site, order details are automatically transferred to us so we can manufacture and fulfil your order

    o Your customer receives a package with your beautiful designs, within days of ordering. Your brand is the only branding they see

    o Currently we only offer store integration and drop-shipping for Shopify users. If you use another e-commerce platform, we would love to hear from you; we plan to expand our offering in the future

  • Getting Started

    o Create a Shopify account on the Shopify site

    o Create a Bags of Love account here

    o You may need to apply to upgrade your account to a drop-shipping account.

  • Creating your Store

    o It’s really easy to create products and a store on the Bags of Love platform. Head to ‘my stores’ within your account to get started

    o Your Contrado Store does not need to be made public, you can have this set to private if you prefer. Public stores are only available those with specific seller agreements. If you are a drop-shipper only then you will only have the option of a private store.

    o Make sure you create your store on the domain in the correct territory so that pricing in your Shopify store is synced. If your Shopify store is priced in GBP, you like need to create your store on Bags of Love UK. Similarly, if your Shopify store currency is USD, you should create and sync your store on Bags of Love US

  • Connecting your Store

    o Head to the drop-ship tab in your Bags of Love account

    o Input the URL of your Shopify store (https://forexample.myshopify.com) and click 'Submit URL'. The application does not work with a custom domain

    o Press the install app button and the app will install to your Shopify account (you’ll be asked to login to Shopify if you’re not already)

    o Following the successful installation of the app, head to ‘my stores’ in your Bags of Love account. If you haven’t created a store yet, you’ll need to do so

    o Then click sync on your chosen store and the integration is complete. Syncing your Bags of Love and Shopify store is only ever necessary once - when you connect both stores for the first time. This process can take quite some time depending on the number of products in your Bags of Love Store

    o You will be given the option to auto-publish on your 3rd party live store.When enabled, products added to your Bags of Love store go straight to your live, published store on Shopify. When disabled, products added to your Bags of Love store are only on the admin panel/in draft on your 3rd party store and need to be 'made available'

    o Some 3rd party stores only allow three product options to choose from. We will automatically select the first 3 options if there are more than three

  • Payments

    o When a customer orders from your Shopify store, their order details will automatically be sent to us and an order will be generated

    o Once this order is generated, we’ll send you a link so that you can complete payment for your products

    o Once we’ve received payment from you, we’ll start production and ship the order directly to your customer

    o We will not start production of your order(s) until we have received payment in full

    o We’ll offer automated payments via PayPal soon

  • Orders, Production and Shipping

    o Once your Bags of Love store is connected to your Shopify website, any orders of Bags of Love products that you receive will create orders on our system

    o The design details will be sent straight to us, based on the designs you posted for sale in your synced Bags of Love store

    o The billing details will be your details, taken from your account. Production won’t start until payment has processed. If you haven’t connected a PayPal account, you’ll be sent a payment link by email. 

    o The shipping details will be transferred from your Shopify order, they will be the details your customer input at the checkout on your site

    o See the following link for further information on our manufacturing and shipping processes

    o Please take note of our cancellations and returns policies

    o If you cancel an order on Shopify, a cancellation request will be sent to our system. If the order is ‘in the waiting list’ or less than 30 minutes old, then the order will be cancelled. If the order was place more than 30 minutes ago or is ‘in progress’ then we cannot accept the cancellation and we will ship the product directly to the billing address. You will receive notification in this case

  • Branding (Coming Soon)

    o Head to the branding tab in your account to add your branding assets

    o Add your logo and brand name here, these will appear on the order summary and packing label to your customers

  • Help with your Orders

    o Once an order is placed, there is little or no opportunity to make changes to the order, please ensure products are as you want them before posting them for sale.

    o As each item is handmade to order, specifically for your customer, cancelling an order may incur charges, see more here

    o In the rare case that a product is damaged or manufactured incorrectly, we will repair or replace the item. We want your customer to love their order

    o Unfortunately, we cannot accept return of non-faulty goods as each item is made to order. You can read more about returns here

    o We want you and your customers to be happy with your orders, if you have any questions or if your customer has asked a question you can’t answer, get in touch with our customer service team