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Free Fabric Offcuts

Free Fabric Remnants For DIY Projects Made in the UKMade in the UK

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If you love partaking in arts and crafts, DIY or other creative projects, then take advantage of our free...

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Fabric Offcuts for Free

  • Lucky dip of fabric remnants, mostly white
  • Mixed Bag up to 2kg option free of charge (just delivery to pay)
  • Multiple options incl. silk fabric offcuts
  • Perfect for craft and DIY projects
  • Re-home and re-make
  • Maximum 1 bag per order

Crafting, DIY, and sewing are such popular hobbies. Get your hands on free fabric material and start crafting for a living.

Finding the right materials to accommodate all your craft projects can be very expensive. At Bags of Love, we want to help our customers fulfil their crafting passion while ensuring our eco-friendly practices are upheld. This is where our free fabric remnants come in. Choose between different options, including natural fabrics such as cotton fabric offcuts and linen fabric scraps, as well as different 2 and 5kg mixed fabric bags.
  • Random mix of mostly white & cream fabrics
  • Neoprene is black only
  • +/- 10% weights
  • A lucky dip of mixed fabric remnants
  • Reduce the amount that goes to landfill
  • Free up to 2kg Mixed Bag - only pay delivery
  • Perfect for crafting or home DIY projects
  • 1 kg and 5 kg bag options, a wide selection of fabrics
  • Maximum 1x bag per order
  • What will you make? Share your ideas on our social media

How Come You Offer Free Fabric Offcuts?

We stock 130 different customised fabrics, each with its own attributes and qualities. From natural textiles such as silk, linen and cotton to technical fabrics such as neoprene, our extensive selection of custom printed fabric has something for everyone. As you can imagine, with so many fabric orders coming in, there are bound to be a lot of factory fabric remnants. One of our main priorities at Bags of Love is to be as sustainable as possible and to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing our waste. This includes re-homing our beloved textiles wherever we can. Offering free fabric offcuts to our customers is one such way that we can do this (and you can help). When a fabric is cut to size for a customer, there will be some fabric scraps left over. Instead of throwing these away, we are now offering fabric scraps for free. That's right, free fabric scraps when you choose our 2kg Mixed Bag option.


We care about our impact at Bags of Love. That’s why, instead of carelessly generating waste and harming the environment, we’ve implemented creative practices to reduce waste in every part of production. Like these, the humble fabric remnants. Because we print, cut and sew your products to order, some fabric is always left over. But we don’t let it go to waste; we give it to you so you can create a new masterpiece with them.

This is part of our dedication to circular fashion, which ensures all fabric is fully used instead of being sent to landfills. And we don’t stop there. Most of our fabrics are sourced from the UK and EU and we aim to partner with ethical suppliers. Our ink is water-based and eco-friendly, so it doesn’t generate any toxic fumes or water waste. Our long-term goal is an ethical, eco-conscious supply chain and even more sustainable production model.

What Textiles Will I Get In My Bag?

We offer four different options for your scraps (please note that the 5kg and 1kg options incur a small uplift charge, this is to cover the additional postage costs) & could contain +/-10% in weight.
  • Mixed bag - 2 kg (FREE)
  • Mixed bag - 5 kg 
  • Cotton scraps/naturals bag - 1 kg
  • Neoprene - 1 kg

Types of fabrics: The fun of the 2kg mixed bags of free fabric offcuts is that you don't know what you are going to get. Our 130 fabric selection features so many different kinds of textiles. Fleece and cotton blends are available, along with chiffon and chenille, and pretty much everything in between. From lacy textiles to waterproof, you can be sure of an interesting and exciting selection of polys. We also offer bags of natural cottons and silks, Neoprene, or larger versions of the mixed bag of polys, all for a small price uplift.

Colours: The majority of your free offcuts will be mostly white or cream, but these remnants may have the odd splash of colour or print which may include text or barcodes.

Sizes: With the free 2 kg bag, you will have enough scraps to create a whole host of craft projects. These offcuts will vary in size, you may receive some large pieces and some small pieces, as they are all packed at random. The coloured fabrics consist of mainly fleece fabric, often in blue, pink, cream and black - perfect for creating scarves gloves and blankets in the cold, winter months. This is not exclusively the case, and you may find other colours or materials in your mixed bag - it's like a lucky dip. For the cotton, linen fabric remnants, and silk fabric remnants options, scraps tend to be long and thin. 

Are There Any Limitations?

Please note that our factory fabric remnants are limited to a maximum of 1x bag per order (this is due to delivery costs). If you would like two or more bags, feel free to place another order for extra bags. If you order more than 1x bag in a single order, we will contact you regarding an extra delivery charge. 

Delivery Charge: We charge you the amount that the carrier charges us for delivery - we do not make a profit on this; it's part of our mission to become fabric waste neutral. We prefer you to have it to use creatively rather than wasted. We can only ship free fabric offcuts within the UK. If orders are placed for shipping outside of the UK then your payment will be automatically refunded to you, and the remnants will not be sent.

How Can I Get A Bag Of Free Fabric Scraps, UK?

To claim your free bag of free fabric scraps, UK, couldn't be more simple. Max one per delivery. Order your 2kg Mixed Bag by clicking the green button, selecting the 2kg remnant type, and then check out as normal. You can also opt for 1kg of cotton fabric scraps and other natural fabrics, 1kg of Neoprene, or a 5kg version of the mixed bag, all of which incur a small price uplift. We would love to see how you get on with your offcuts, so get in touch and tell us how your project turned out. 


Thanks to you - our amazing customers

Since installing our remnant recycling programme three years ago we have reduced our landfill textile waste by up to 300 kgs a week. And these are only the latest figures; they only continue to grow!
We want to say thank you to the thousands of people who have helped us get this far by taking us up on this unique offer.


Did you know?

Lucky dip: We will also be adding occasional freebie - a cone of thread, a reel of binding tape, zips, and other accessories we are unable to use at this specific point in time - as a lucky dip for you to get your creative hands on.


Share Your Masterpiece

If you do something fantastic or creative with your bag of remnants, we'd love to know about it. Please feel free to share these ideas with us on social media - if you make something special, or show us an amazing idea there could also be a reward in it for you. 

Where do they come from?

When we make custom clothing or print custom fabric, we print onto the fabric as step one, before we cut the material to the required pattern. This means that when we do cut the textile down there is waste from the sides. Also when we print fabric sheets, some customers prefer to have their material cut on the line - which means we remove all of the white material from the edges of that piece of fabric. 

As a result of this, there is a reasonable amount of fabric waste, which is unfortunately unavoidable. We made a promise to lessen our waste across the board, but we are on a mission to become fabric waste neutral. From Neoprene and linen fabric offcuts, we don't want to be sending these to silk fabric scraps to a landfill, and they are consistent enough in size and shape for us to guarantee that we could do anything specific with them on mass, so we have decided to bag them up, and offer them to you!

Design your own prints

Learn how to print on fabric with your bag of free fabric offcuts. Simply upload your own photos or designs to our online design tool, and we’ll print them using an eco-friendly heat transfer process onto our amazing transfer paper. That way, you can practice DIY printing easily at home.

There are countless ways to upcycle our fabric scraps. You could give your sleepwear a cool update with our silk remnants - nothing says “out of office” quite like a silk eye mask. With your clever artistic hands, the silk scraps could come together to form a mask that'll inspire the most blissful naptimes. You’ll only need a little fabric from the silk offcuts, some patterns, and elastic. Alternatively, you could use our stunning silk remnants to give your accessories a luxury update. Real silk promises a deliciously smooth feel and will genuinely make for the perfect hair scrunchie or headband.

Linen is another high-quality fabric found in our bags of fabric offcuts. The woven linen remnants are super lightweight, absorbent, and antibacterial - naturally perfect for table runners in your kitchen. A tissue holder would also be an effortlessly cute crafting project using our quality linen scraps. You could even grab some linen offcuts or cotton remnants from the mixed bag to sew table coasters. Place them in a box and tie it with a nice ribbon to make the perfect hostess gift.

Cotton is a natural addition to our bag of fabric scraps. You could create a small tote bag using our cotton fabric remnants to keep your essentials with you on the go. You could even hand-sew soft patch clothing and napkins. Our cotton offcuts are super versatile and here for you to experiment with.

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