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With personalised umbrellas, there's no need to feel glum on a rainy day. Beautifully made and engineered, the custom umbrella features 8 printable panels, a spring loaded automatic opening, wind resistant canopy & a choice of elegant maple or cane handles. Proudly face the British weather in style & design your own umbrella. 

  • Ready in 2 - 3 day(s)

  • Made in UK

  • UK delivery: £8

  • Quantity discount

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Personalised Umbrella Features

  • Timeless classic umbrella design
  • 8 printable panels finished with elegant gold tips
  • Exceptionally engineered automatic opening
  • Black Maple, Scorched Maple or Mallaca Cane handle
  • Strong, durable, built to last. 3 year guarantee

Reviews for Personalised Umbrellas

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  • testimonials Overwhelmingly happy with the quality of finished product. I used my own artwork on the umbrellas and it was amazing to see the fine pencil work detail picked up in the finished product. Had a proper intake of breath when I opened the package. Was gutted to have to give umbrellas away as they were gifts ( 3 in all) would like to order more but little bit too pricey. Perfect as a special one off gift (one was for a bride) but have had so many people see them and ask if they could have one too, but I know they wouldn't pay over £80 for a brollie. Perhaps you could offer dis...
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials Ordered silk scarf using my own artwork as a thank you for my agent. Beautiful job. Nice quality silk and the image showed through on both sides which made it look good quality. Would definitely use again but perhaps would be nice to have special product like this come in a little gift box or in a special card sleeve? Also ordered tea towels - lovely linen- and umbrellas - which are stunning. Would order a lot more if there was discount on multiple orders or an opportunity to buy in units of 5 or upwards to keep costs down.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials Loved the umbrella !! thankyou
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials The umbrella was a gift and the recipient absolutely loved it! I had a look at it before I handed it over and the quality of the print and of the umbrella in general was excellent. The online service was good and I got regular emails informing me of when my order was in production and when it had been despatched. Would recommend and will definitely use again
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by

Umbrella Printing Product Information

Our timeless design of umbrella is quintessentially British, featuring a large, 8 panel canopy, gorgeous wooden crook handle and gold tipped spokes. The canopy is made from our lightweight yet tough Ella waterproof fabric, and the craftsmanship of the metal frame and automatic opening make this umbrella strong and durable - perfect for blustery days in Blighty. Each panel is designed by you individually, giving you plenty of space to print your photos or designs. 

  • Elegant umbrella design
  • Indispensable British accessory
  • Extensive cover from the rain
  • 102cm wide, 89cm high
  • Smooth automatic opening for ease
  • 8 panels to personalise
  • Spokes finished with gold tips to prevent sharp edges
  • Choose Black Maple, Scorched Maple or Mallaca Cane handle
  • Crook handle for comfortable grip
  • Aluminium/fibreglass frame
  • Non-aluminum parts are non-corrosive
  • Wind resistant canopy
  • Full colour edge-to-edge print
  • Personalised umbrellas no minimum order
  • Handmade in London, UK
  • Built to last. 3 year guarantee 

Care: Custom umbrella canopy made from water-repellent Ella waterproof fabric, so simply take it outside in the rain and it self-cleans. If it gets particularly dirty, wait until the dirt dries and brush off. The non-aluminium parts are non-corrosive, so won't rust over time. 

Your personalised umbrellas are all handmade to order in London, UK. Each waterproof panel is individually printed using our specialist digital process, and then hand cut and sewn to together. The edges of the spokes are finished with gold tips that add a touch of elegance and also protect you from the sharp edges. 

How Your Custom Printed Umbrellas Will Look and Feel

This full-length ladies or gentleman's umbrella is of a high sought-after quality, remaining lightweight for easy carrying. The metal frame is strong, equipped with a spring loaded automatic opening mechanism that produces a gentle pump ushering the canopy open and closed. Gold tips on the end of the ribs add a touch of sophistication and cover the sharp edges. Talking of elegance, the choice of crook handles are simply stunning; choose from Black Maple, Scorched Maple or Mallaca cane wooden handles to suit your personal style. At just over 1m wide, it provides extensive cover from the rain to keep you nice and dry. 

Do you Have any Design Tips or Ideas?

Try to keep important photo details away from the edges of each panel as we use a small amount of the fabric to create a hem and sew the panels together. Make sure though that your image covers the bleed area to ensure the print runs all the way to edges, leaving no blank spaces. 

Personalised Photo Umbrella Inspiration

Tip your hat to British culture and create a themed customised umbrella. Use images of the union jack, Big Ben, red postbox, cups of tea, the Queen, stamps etc for a themed artistic photo collage. Printed all over, this will look totally cool and different to any other umbrella on the common market. 

Play homage to British irony and design your own umbrella featuring snaps from all your favourite holidays. Printed with images of blue skies, your kids in the pool and palm trees, it's a gentle way of poking fun at our renowned drizzly weather. 

Personalised wedding umbrellas are such a gorgeous gift for brides and grooms-to-be who are planning an outdoor English wedding. Printed with Mr and Mrs and the date of the ceremony, not only will they come in handy should the heavens break open, but they make a unique keepsake of the special day. Also, because of the huge canopy, more of the wedding dress will be sheltered from the rain. 

Who Would Love a Custom Umbrella?

Who wouldn't? So elegant and beautifully crafted, these are perfect for mums on Mother's Day or your grandparents who go on long, country walks. When they've got one of these for protection, they can huddle together under the wind resistant canopy and continue to enjoy their stroll. 

Quantity Discount

Our no minimum order personalised umbrellas can be bought on their own if you only need one brolly. But, like many of our products, the printed umbrella comes with a quantity discount, so buy a pair, or one for all the family, and save money whilst you save people from the rain!

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