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Personalised and valuable Gifts for Christmas

Create personalised photo gifts for special moments

Traditional celebrations such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries or Christmas, obviously deserve personalised gifts, but what about all those intimate moments that happen between two people every day? Whether it is the first kiss in primary school which would later develop in true love or perhaps the first fleeting eye contact during rush hour, after which one might be longing for the next few days and weeks without knowing how to get in touch with the other one. Or your best friend who selflessly stood behind you in the darkest hours of your life and have supported you with everything she could.
Give your partner or your friend some photo gifts that come from the heart.

Valuable and unusual gift ideas

Sometimes little gestures such as a tiny Post –It Note with a message on the door or a puckered lipstick imprint on the bathroom’s mirror are the most valuable gifts in that particular moment; sometimes personalised photo gifts made from your own photos can be of great value. Small fridge magnets for example, designed with your own photos and messages and the secretly placed on a magnetic wall in your husband’s office, can be really unique and personalised Christmas Presents. Or what do you think about the idea of creating photo puzzles with your favourite images and then using the pieces for a small treasure hunt on all your favourite places around town?

Photo coasters with four different images of a family

Photo Coasters as a valuable memento of good times

Besides a wide range of small photo gifts there is also massive range of bigger wonderful photo gifts for Christmas. Think of a massive photo canvas with your all time favourite picture of the two of you – truly unique photo gifts as wonderful surprises.
But let’s come back to the smaller things in life today as photo coasters are an incredible gift for your beloved ones. Make a surprise roast on Sunday and use your very own photo coasters – they will love it, of that I am sure!

Nowadays people know the prize of everything and the value of nothing.

Oscar Wilde

Whatever your ideas for creative gifts might be, please remember that giving is not all about the price but more about the value of the giving itself and the meaning that lies beneath. Photo Gifts that becon nostalia and recollect unforgettable memories are the most  sincere and personalised Christmas presents…one can give.

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