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Unique Christmas gifts for friends

Personalised gifts are a nice compromise when choosing between an original gift and a reasonable price. You can create unique Christmas gifts personalised with photos, text messages and possibly fun graphical effects in order to have the opportunity to create the right gift idea for any occasion or recipient. Photo calendars and canvas prints are considered very classic and traditional gifts, which never fail to bring smiles and thanks to the lucky people who receive them. In addition, photo calendars and canvas prints are reasonably priced and easy to order. All you need to do is to pick up the right photos, place an order online and then wait comfortably until your unique Christmas gifts are delivered to your home or your friends.

photo calendar with a couple

Unique Christmas gifts for friends

If you’re looking for unique Christmas gifts for friends on Bags of Love you can find all the gifts you need. To choose the right picture simply means to pay attention to certain details such as:

  • Saving the photos with the right extension
  • Having the original file of the photo
  • Selecting photos from your personal collection (as opposed to taking  photos from the Internet)

In theory, the resolution of the photo should not be less than 100dpi, but in practice it depends on the photo gifts you would like to print on. You can also use old film photos of your friends, but they need to be scanned first. And for the digital photos, which need some photo re-touching before going to print, you can rely on our professional designers. Cancellation of a date on a canvas, red-eye, blemish, are for free.  Be generous this christmas and make your friends happy by giving them unique Christmas gifts for friends; they would do the same for you.

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