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Say Merry Christmas With Fridge Magnet Letters

Coloured fridge magnet letters in two black boxes

Fridge magnets have helped us stay organised in our homes for some time now. With the help of fridge magnets we can display important pieces of paper and photos on the fridge in the centre of the house – the kitchen. Any fridge magnet will obviously do the job but most people prefer to get fridge magnets that are pleasing to the eye as they are so visible in your kitchen.

Since the 1960s fridge magnets in the shape of the letters of the alphabet have been very popular. They are a great way for children to get familiar with letters and words! It’s fun for adults too, you can create messages for the people you live with. Perhaps “we have run out of milk” or “I’ll be home at 7!”

Our exclusive handmade fridge magnet letters or sets come in subtle colours and quirky letter impressions. They make perfect Christmas Gifts for mum and dad or your sister who just bought a house. They are fired and glazed here in west London by designer Jo. Made with finest porcelain, she stamps each and every one using new and vintage printing stamps as well as locally found ad hoc objects. Everything is then finished in soft and subtle wash over colours. Once you have chosen the letters we select a random but suitable colour way. So basically each and every single letter is handmade and one of a kind!

You can choose from our fixed sets that say “I ♥ Mum”, “I Love You”, “Thank You” or “Mr and Mrs”. If you would rather just have letters which the receiver can make up their own words from, we can do that too. Whether you get a fixed set or loose letters the magnets come in a sleek black presentation box, truly perfect Christmas Gifts. A “Mr and Mrs” set make a great Christmas Gift for a newlywed couple celebrating their first Christmas as husband and wife.

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