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Photo Jigsaw Puzzles of your Family Snaps

photo puzzle of a family on a summer's day on the hillside

Why Jigsaw Puzzles Make Great Presents

Trying to find the perfect birthday gift for your family members can often be an obstacle, because we do not want to disappoint those people who mean most to us! However, you needn’t be all at sea because our photo jigsaw puzzles could be the ideal gift idea! With your personalised photo creating hours of fun and enjoyment for all the family, you cannot go wrong with this truly unique present.

Cherish those Beautiful Memories

Jigsaw puzzles are such a brilliant gift because they will immortalise those memories you value most highly, whilst also providing a great communal activity in which everyone can participate! Any photo you like can be transferred into a jigsaw, and you can choose from either a small size (30 pieces) or large size (96 pieces). Our jigsaw puzzles are quick and easy to design online, and you could even include a personal message for a truly individual touch. If you have too many stunning photos and cannot decide which one to choose, why not go for a montage of your favourite family snaps – although be warned, because this will make the jigsaw much harder to complete when you give it a go!

Touching and Creative

The photo jigsaw puzzles come in a very stylish A6 or A5 tin with the personalised image on the lid. This is a perfect and inexpensive gift that is both practical and artistic, giving you a breathtaking enhancement to your original photo and keeping your family amused and entertained for hours on end! Also, if you buy two jigsaw puzzles, you will get the third absolutely free! Our photo jigsaw puzzle has the picture beautifully printed on 3.5mm deep wood base with a waterproof gloss laminate, which is much stronger and sturdier than regular cardboard puzzles. This is a lifelong present that will be cherished for many years, and will be a great reminder in decades to come of the great times you shared as a younger family!

Family sitting in a garden on a jigsaw puzzle


  • puzzles are something, which we often played but playing puzzles of your own pictures and having them in some physical shape is a rare and very unique thing. Thanks for this nice post.

    • Jasmine,

      Thank you very much for your comment. We are very glad to read that you liked the post and the product, and we certainly agree that the photo jigsaw puzzles are a very special gift. There is something truly remarkable about having your own photos on something tangible, and that is why the photo jigsaw is so fabulous!


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