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Personalised Duvet Covers and Pillowcases

Have you ever walked into a generic chain shop looking for bedding and not found a design that you have liked? With Bags of Love, you don’t have to settle for what the high street shops have to offer. We have personalised custom bedding to fit almost all needs, and it comes in 4 different sizes

Personalised Duvet Covers

The duvet cover is one of the most important parts to the interior design of a bedroom, since it a covers a major fixture of the room (if you make your bed all of the time!). Now, you can have exactly what you want on it with our personalised duvet covers. Personalised it with a design, montage, or singular photo of your choosing. It is made from Belgian micro fabric, since the material is praised for its breathability, washability, and printability. The closers on the personalised duvet covers are simple, but high grade strong press studs that line the bottom edge. Each duvet cover is also printed and hand stitched at our London location, so the item is absolutely custom made for you in every way. Brighten up your room and your bed with a personalised duvet cover just for you.

Personalised Pillowcases

If you are thinking about purchasing a personalised duvet cover, why not think about getting matching pillowcases as well? We can make personalised pillowcases to go along with your duvet cover or quilt to fulfil the set.   Wake up to a vibrant colour photo selection and see the beauty of your photos or your own designs on your bedding. You can also choose the design of your personalised pillowcases so you will end up with the bedding set that you have always dreamed about getting. Why settle for something generic and made halfway across the world?

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