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Christmas Gift Guide For The Whole Family

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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? What? You haven’t?!

Never fear lovely people, Bags of Love are here to sort out all of Christmas present dilemmas. Looking for a great gift idea for a parent? We have it sorted! Trying to think of the perfect, unique gift for your lovely wife? Leave it to us. From gifts for babies, kids, loved ones, grandparents…even the dog…we have more than 300 gorgeous personalised gifts, which will be sure to make their Christmas Day even more special and memorable.

So, let’s get started!

First up, gifts for parents. GIFTS FOR PARENTS

Now, when we say parents, we’re talking new parents and grandparents and every kind of parent in between. When it comes to gifts for parents and grandparents, sentimental is the word which comes to mind!. Practical gifts are also important, so we love the idea of giving personalised gifts, which can be displayed proudly in their homes. From personalised double deckchairs, which they can cuddle up on together to a cosy and cushy personalised cushion, our range of gifts for parents will be sure to find a special place in their hearts. Our Personalised Photo Coasters make a great choice for grandparents, as you can have a different design on each coaster – perfect if there are a lot of grandchildren to show off! And what about our new Personalised Photo Frame? Forget bog standard, boring photo frames, our new custom printed photo frame allows you to design the actual frame! Create a gorgeous photo montage of your favourite family moments and we will print it right onto the frame. That will look fab propped up on their fireplace.


Now, gifts for kids GIFTS FOR KIDS

Buying the perfect gift for a little one can be a bit of a noodle scratcher. If they have written their list to Father Christmas, then at least you have a bit of help, but why not surprise them with something really special, which can be found in the toy shop? Personalised gifts for kids make wonderful Christmas presents. Our selection of fun and unique gift ideas range from personalised pencil cases and lunch bags, to custom printed stickers and backpacks, to personalised jigsaw puzzles and bean bags! Imagine seeing their faces when they open up a gift to find something personalised, just for them. For the older kids, we also have durable Personalised Phone Covers, iPad Cases and more.


Next up, gifts for her GIFTS FOR HER

Whether buying a gift for your mum, your wife, girlfriend or just a special friend, us girls can be tricky to buy for! Luckily, at Bags of Love, we have a gorgeous selection of stylish, functional and sentimental gifts, which she is sure to love. How about our beautiful Luxury Photo Handbag? Made from soft leather and featuring your designs on the front and back, she will be blown away by this handmade handbag. Our Personalised Make Up Bag is a real favourite too – you choose the material and design and give her dressing table essential a personal touch for Christmas. If bling is your wife’s thing, then she will go crazy over our beautiful handmade Personalised Jewellery Box. Choose the design and include a special message just for her.


Finally, let’s shop for him GIFTS FOR HIM

Now, if you have a special guy in your life – be it your father, husband, boyfriend, brother, second cousin twice removed…you’ll be wanting to treat him to a special gift this Christmas. Guys like practical gifts right? Well, a lot of them do! Instead of getting him a generic but useful gift this year, get him something he needs, designed with something he loves! Imagine his favourite photos of you, the kids or friends printed onto something gorgeous and practical, such us our Personalised Wash Bag our our Personalised Wallet. If he is a bit of a digital fan, then he will love our Customised Phone Case and our Personalised iPad Case, available for several different models. We even have classic gift ideas such as Personalised Ties and Custom Printed Socks! You’ll be sure to find him something he loves (and needs) at Bags of Love.


Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Bags of Love x



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