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Be On The Safe Side: Make A Photo Album

Blank white pages of an open photo album

Picture this – you’re an avid photographer, you have the state of the art SLR digital camera and you upload everything onto your PC, but you forget to back up and a “friend” emails you a virus, which completely clears your PC’s content. Your photos, your pride and joy is gone, lost forever. Nothing made it to the family photo album, not even into your photo box.

With the efficiency of the digital age comes the inevitable flaws, it’s just not safe to store everything onto your PC alone. Getting a gorgeous personalised photo album from Bags Of Love is the perfect excuse to print all those digital photos and keep them safe. Choose a picture that set’s the theme of the photo album on the cover and just like that you have a personalised album ready for the coffee table!

A personalised photo book is great if you do not wish to print the pictures because we print your digital photos straight into the luxurious photo book when you have uploaded the pics of your choice. Choose a picture for the cover and you can even add a matching presentation box for ultimate protection.

Gorgeous photo boxes is another great way to immortalise your pictures, which are excellent gift ideas. Relive those magic moments when your child took its first steps, your big day and that oh so beautiful dress on your wedding day or that magical trip to Paris where he proposed up in the Eiffel Tower. Remember that brilliant holiday in Spain by covering a box with a picture of it. The boxes are great gift ideas for mum and dad as well as they are splendid gift ideas for boyfriends or girlfriends.

It’s amazing what we can store in the human brain however it’s not easy to retrieve select information as and when we like hence good old times get archived and forgotten about in our minds. Our memory can fade but if preserved in a photo album or photo book accessible right in your living room, it will stay with you forever.

Children photos in open photo book and two closed photo booksPhoto box with yellow pattern and photo from spain on the lid

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