21st Birthday Gifts

When someone reaches 21 they are full of beans and expectation of life adventures to come. They may be finishing university, starting a new job, or going off around the world on an exciting trip! Only interesting and exciting birthday presents will do for a 21st birthday present, and luckily enough we at Bags of Love have a wide variety of great gifts that definitely fulfil these criteria. 

Gift ideas for a 21st Birthday present

Special birthday present for a special year and even a graduation portrait. Many students like to celebrate graduation with a collage of the final days of college or university, and you can even personalise your pictures with text to say 'Congratulations' or 'Wishing you well for the future'.

We have gift ideas for parents to give to 21-year-old children and also fantastic presents that friends can get for the recipient. At 21 years of age, the man or woman is certainly an adult now and is jetting off into the big wide world of work. This scary thought can be somewhat pacified by a beautiful canvas print of their childhood memories or a washbag that is both highly practical and extremely useful.