Custom Hot Water Bottle for Snug Times

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Give someone a cuddly personalised hot water bottle printed with special photos and memories. The soft, warming fleece cover comes with or without a rubber bottle, so this is ideal if you have a bottle that just needs a little love. Printed onto the front and with 4 colour options for the back, the custom hot water bottle is a stylish way to snuggle and stay cosy. 

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Photo Hot Water Bottles Covers

  • Fits all standard 1.8L/2L size bottles
  • Cover measures 38 x 21cm
  • Soft polar fleece with back pouch opening
  • You design front, 4 colour choice for back
  • Lovingly handmade in London, UK

Reviews for Personalised Hot Water Bottle Cover

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  • testimonials Highly recommend
    Really happy with my hot water bottle cover, wasn't sure how it would turn out because of the picture quality, but it was perfect. Excellent and friendly helpful service too. Would definitely use bags of love again.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials Very very warm
    Excellent execution of the end picture and very fast delivery. Quality service.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials Great service, great quality product.
    My wife is a little poorly so I thought a hot water bottle with a picture of our white German Shepherd as a puppy on it would cheer her up. It did no end. I got a "Great Husband Award" so well worth the money!
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials Custom Hotwater Bottle
    Service was excellent! Production time took a day or two extra but that is still perfectly fine. Shipped instantly after and got to me within 2 or 3 days. Product itself is as the image shows for the most part.Images printed are good quality and no smudges or anything of that sort and the material itself feels very nice. Highly recommend
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by

Personalised Hot Water Bottle Product Information

A comforting custom hot water bottle is a gem of a bedtime treat when the winter chill descends. Printed directly onto the front cover, and with either an ivory, black, blue or pink back, your fleecy cover is a charming gift for anybody who loves to cuddle up and keep warm. Choose to include a 1.8L rubber bottle, or simply design the cover and replace your existing one. The polar fleece is fire rated and water repellent, so it's safe for children to use too. Beautifully soft and gentle to touch, you'll be ushering on the cold weather just so you can use your personalised hot water bottle.

  • Handmade to order in UK
  • Comes with or without rubber bottle
  • 38 x 21cm fleece cover
  • Fits all standard 1.8L & 2L bottles
  • Soft polar fleece fabric
  • Pouch opening at the back
  • Printed on the front
  • 4 colour choices for back
  • Fire rated fleece for safety
  • Water repellent properties

Care: Your personalised fleece hot water bottle covers can be machine washed at 30°c. Take care to remove the bottle before washing, and when preparing your hot water bottle, be careful pouring the boiling water. Also, ensure the back pouch flap is closed securely to protect your skin. Our water bottles comply with British safety standards BS EN 1970:2006 for hot water bottles. Please use common sense when using your custom hot water bottles to reduce harm to yourself or others.

How Your Hot Water Bottle Covers are Made

We use a soft, fire rated polar fleece fabric to make your personalised hot water bottle covers, which is printed directly onto, cut to size and hand sewn together. Your design is permanent, thanks to the specialist printing process that fuses the inks deep into the fibres. Everything is handmade to order by our skilled technicians and seamstresses, ensuring a beautiful finish and a bespoke gift that can't be found anywhere else. Order the complete package with a rubber bottle, or simply choose the cover to replace an existing one. 

Do You Have any Design Tips?

Your special photos are printed onto the front cover, whilst the back can either be ivory, blue, pink or black. Experiment with the different colours and see which one will complement your design the best. Something to consider is the bottle neck, and ensuring that the features of your photo are kept within the main body so nothing is accidentally cut out.

Custom Hot Water Bottle Design Inspiration

Design a luxury hot water bottle, personalised with a festive photo. This is perfect for winter months when there's a definite chill, and you can dream of a White Christmas whilst cuddling your bottle. If you have a picture of your beloved pet in the snow, or wearing some tinsel, print it onto your hot water bottle cover and enjoy a hug from your furry friend even when they're not around. 

Is someone close to you poorly and needs cheering up? This custom made hot water bottle cover, personalised with a Get Well Soon message or something more sentimental, is a lovely gift to help them recover. Your words or photos can bring a smile to their face, and the bottle itself will keep them warm and comfortable whilst they're sick. 

Create a custom hot water bottle for all the family, featuring their photo and nickname. When it comes to mass hot water bottle preparation, it'll be so easy and clear to distribute them to all the children and your partner. They can also include pictures of their hobbies and interests, so it's totally tailored to each individual personality. You could also print a pattern that matches your pyjamas so you can snuggle up in flawless style. 

Quantity Discount

Like many of our products, your personalised hot water bottle covers come with a quantity discount, so get one for all the family today and save money.

Our water bottles comply with British safety standards BS EN 1970:2006 for hot water bottles. The British standard is in compliance with the ASTM D431-95 (2005) voluntary safety standard in place for hot water bottle production in the USA. In the absence of a published International Standards Organisation (ISO) safety standard, the British Standard for hot water bottles mentioned above is widely accepted and used in Europe, and further abroad, as the leading and most comprehensive benchmark for the product.

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