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Design Your Own Scarf

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Make your own scarf printed with your design or photo. These beautifully custom printed scarves are light, airy and silky to the touch. Made from real silk or our amazing delicate man mades. Create a personalised silk scarf, or make custom scarves for fashion with your designs.

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  • Made in UK

  • UK delivery: £3.99

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Create Custom Printed Scarves

  • Custom printed scarf in 4 sizes, printed on one side
  • Choice of 5 fabrics
  • Edge to edge printed full colour on one side
  • Tidy and fine baby hem, real silk or man made
  • 3 year guarantee*

Reviews of Scarf - Silk & Chiffon

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  • This was my second order, I really love custom printing. The finish and the quality is satisfying again. Delivered so quickly. Amazing service!! I can't stop thinking ideas for next order. Thank you so much!! I will be back soon ;)
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • I have been so impressed with your online service. The online chat staff were very helpful when I had problems uploading artwork files they helped me through the process. The goods were delivered quickly and the quality was outstanding. I have used you a few times and excited to design more, as I know I will receive a good quality product. I am basing future design products based on the service you offer. Thank you.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • Excellent product, prompt delivery and effective communication. Can't fault it! 3rd time I've used your company and will continue to use it.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • Hi there. I received my silk scarves. The silk was good quality and the finish was quite good. However, I didn't realise that the back of the scarves would be plain - I assumed the design would be on both sides. Maybe this was an oversight on my part as this was the first time using your on-line system. I'll go back to the drawing board & try to get better samples the next time! Looking forward to seeing my silk cushions ordered a few days ago. Kathrine
    Rated 4 / 5 stars - by

Designer Scarves In Silks Or Chiffons

Update your look with your own custom printed scarf. Choose the colours you like and give yourself a makeover. Why buy the same pattern scarf in shops when you can design a scarf on-line. Bespoke scarf printing at Bags of Love the custom scarf maker in London where we manufacture them to order. What's more, design your scarf yourself in our on-line designer scarf system. You can choose a square scarf or long shawl scarves. Silk square scarf or scarves are very popular to personalise. Printed on one side, the reverse is natural colour. These scarves are printed fusing the inks to the fibres, allowing some show through on the lighter weight fabrics and less show through on the heavier.


Real Silk Scarf Fabric Comparison Images

Sizes and Fabric Details

  1. Sizes: 90x90cm, 133x105cm, 135x31cm, 115x115cm
  2. Silk Sensation (poly 90gsm), Paris Chiffon (poly 40gsm), Mulmul Muslin (poly 55gsm)
  3. Real Silk Satin 86gsm, real silk Georgette 50gsm 

Print Your Own Scarf For Women

Our custom printed silk scarf has long been one of the most important women’s accessories. Whether warm or cold days, using scarf to match a woman’s outfit has always been necessary for a special look. With our custom designer scarves you can achieve even more, original look exclusive to you. Bespoke square scarf printing to order. Gorgeous feeling silky smooth scarf for ladies. Make a personalised scarf for ladies online in our scarf design system.


Scarves For Men

In order to keep up that modern and elegant look every man needs some fashionable accessories such as men's silk scarves. Instead of buying an ordinary scarf, design your own scarf on-line with just a few clicks. You no longer need to relay on scarves from high street, create your own original scarf today to own something unique. We also make amazing custom pocket squares for men.


Custom Silk or Poly Scarf

Our beautifully printed scarves and wraps are made with full print edge to edge and with a baby hem all around to ensure that the scarf does not fray. People use our scarves and wraps formally and informally to make a design and personal statement. They are fashionably worn as head scarves and neck scarves, but you can wear them your way. Shawl, wrap, body tie, the choice is yours. 


Design Head Scarves

One of the favourite uses of our personalised scarves and wraps is for wearing as a head scarf. Keep the wind out of your hair with our designer head scarf that you personalise. Our square scarves or long scarves can be used for this purpose. If you make a head scarf with the right design or pattern they look amazing when styled as a fashion head scarf or hijab head scarf for a unique look. Design a scarf on-line to suit you. We print them, cut them and sew them to order and with our hemming service where you can choose the thread colour too.

Custom Silk Scarf London

We make custom scarves in London, printed beautifully and made fast too.  Let us be your custom scarf maker, your own silk scarf printing London manufacturer. We print and sew them to order. You design the personalised scarf or head scarf or shawl, then we print, cut and sew it. Your custom silk scarf is printed one piece at a time and in a matter of a day or two. We produce here in London in our scarf printing studio, so come and join the creative silk scarves community and make your own scarf too.


TIP Silk Grain: Please note that the grain of the fabric can result in a slightly wavy edge, apparent on 2 sides of the hemmed fabric. This is due to the natural softness of the silk and delicate nature. The edges can be wavy, and this is to be expected, especially on the Georgette.

Care: These customised scarves have the print fused into the fibres so the colour and detail is very well fixed. There are several textile choices. Man made 100% polyester Silk Sensation and Chiffon, plus and two real silks. All delicate so need to be handled with care. Light delicate washing only for the poly, and only dry clean for the real silks.

Guaranteed: 3 year guarantee on fabric structure on all materials. 3 year print guarantee on dye sublimation printing for permanent colour (excludes natural fibres printed with pigment, silk)

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