Personalised Cutting Board

Perfect your chopping skills with your own personalised cutting boards. Printed with your special photos, these custom cutting boards put the 'king' into 'cooking'.

Custom cutting boards

Show off - or show up! - your chopping skills on a personalised cutting board printed with your own unique design. Choose from either glass or super hygienic Stonemax chopping boards and create a gorgeous gift for all the foodies and wannabe chefs in your life. We have personalised cutting boards ideal for prepping your ingredients, serving a gourmet cheese selection at the end of an evening or slicing up warm bread straight from the oven. 

  • Handmade to order in the UK
  • Variety of chopping boards
  • Great for cheese and bread
  • A wide range of size options
  • Long-lasting HD print
  • High-quality materials
  • Personalise with your photos
  • Great quantity discounts

Splendid sizes

Available in a range of sizes to suit all kinds of needs, you can make a chopping board tailored to individual people and their cooking style. The small one is ideal for chopping garlic and basic veg, whilst the large one makes an impressive cheese board to present to your dinner guests.

Hygiene and heat resistance

All of our custom cutting boards are non-porous, making them fantastically hygienic – just what you need when you’re prepping your dinner. Both materials are heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about popping those pans down and ruining your sides and surfaces. With tough surfaces that can handle knives, meaning that you don’t end up with grooves in the material which can gather dirt and food remnants, you know that your personalised cutting boards are built to last.


Protect and prepare

When it comes to preparing your meals, you want to make sure that you have enough space, that you’re not going to be spending all of your time cleaning up after yourself. Personalised cutting boards are not only easy to wipe clean, but they protect your worktops year after year.

Pristine printing

We use the latest in digital printing to ensure that your custom cutting boards are printed to the highest possible quality. From sharp outlines to vibrant colours, we want you to enjoy your personalised cutting boards as much as you possibly can. That’s why we put so much of our research and advancement opportunities into our expert printing methods.

Sensible sourcing

We source our materials from trusted suppliers only. This way we can ensure that everything is of the highest quality, which is always important – but even more so where food is involved. Everything is handmade to order by our expert staff here in our North West London facility. We cut out the middle man to offer you fantastic quality at super speed.

Outstanding offers

Our personalised cutting boards feature quantity discounts, so you can order a set and save money at the same time. Check out individual product pages for more details about each offer.