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    I came back again because of the number of images you can have in a montage. Very pleased with my previous purchase - it really was excellent experience last time and now I am your Word of mouth engine. Hayley's little note book will be my next time for Christmas presents - best to start early

    Sarah From Petersfield Review Date 18/09/2011
  • testimonials
    Word of mouth from somneone who receied a birthday gift - now I am looking into Xmas presents so will review this one to see if I like the them as presets for Xmas. i just only want the picture on one side. no writing or background colour thanks

    Paula G From London Review Date 18/09/2011
  • testimonials
    Buying a kindle for xmas and needed a case, this looked great. Very impressed with the quality of print which I already have. The Banksy examples - is what made me intrested in you in the first place.... now I am all over your interesting web pages and original gifts ideas.

    Olivia H-T From Bury St Edmunds Review Date 18/09/2011