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mint tin

Mint Tin

Mint Tin

Here is a range of reviews of our Mint Tin. Made for all kinds of occasions and recipients, these customers have experienced the quality and super fast delivery that we offer, so hopefully you might be inspired by some of their suggestions! Making your own Mint Tin brings your favourite images and designs to life; and our special printing technique enables us to make a unique product just for you.

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  • testimonials Amazing products as usual
    Great quality of products and photos. Very quick service from making the order to receiving my goods.

  • testimonials Beautiful
    It's a lovely personal easy to open tin. It's a great stocking filler.

  • testimonials Tremendous tins!
    Fabulous items! I ordered two personalised tins of different sizes. They are both beautifully printed on the metal lid and the quality is really very good indeed. I am absolutely delighted! Can’t wait to give them as gifts!

  • testimonials Personalised credit card holder
    Great item - delivered on time - great value

  • testimonials Great timely service!
    I don't know the product quality as I didn't see it myself since my husband and I live in two different countries, but my husband was very excited to have it, and said it felt very good to hold, the slider worked great apparently! He had just started his own consulting shop and had ordered business cards that week, so I thought I'd surprise him with a place to keep them. His cards that he ordered himself, and this box which was a surprise from me arrived AT THE SAME TIME, with the same postman, and he was absolutely over the moon! Thank you. 11 out of 10 for timely service, loved it.