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Here is a range of reviews of our Curtains & Blinds. Made for all kinds of occasions and recipients, these customers have experienced the quality and super fast delivery that we offer, so hopefully you might be inspired by some of their suggestions! Making your own Curtains & Blinds brings your favourite images and designs to life; and our special printing technique enables us to make a unique product just for you.

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  • testimonials Escape to the Chateau !!
    Angel Strawbridge is always having photos printed on fabric, so thought I would look into it for a window blind. Having chosen a photo of our loved Lady Puss it was relatively easy to transfer to the online order form, finding the right proportion & scale, right material etc. Best of all the price worked out cheaper than buying a blind in the shops (I already had an old roller to reuse). I did have a question which was answered to my satisfaction. Overall I have found a company who I will definitely be using again and again. Well done guys, I'm happy.