Personalised Cards & Calendars

Custom Cards and Calendars

If you did not already know we have a book bindery here at Bags Of Love. The very same people who hand craft and bind our beautiful books together, are the very same people who make our cards, calendars and other paper card or box accessories. We take pride in making special, distinctive, and precious products from your photos. Whenever you give us the privilege to make something, we try that bit harder to make it look fantastic and with great attention to detail ensuring it stands out from the crowd. 

Design On-line and Receive Fast

Our products are beautifully printed, then bound quickly and efficiently. Our on-line design system is precise and captures all the fine detail we need to ensure we make you an accurate and perfect representation of what you saw in the design preview. This system also means we can quickly produce your product. We have developed a workflow where the processing starts as soon as you press the buy button after you approved your design. The paper printing process starts immediately and falls into the workflow at the bindery for turning into cards or calenders for immediate finishing. This allows us to go fast and means you get your product quickly often delivered next day.