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Why Pop Art Warhol Is Perfect For Creative Christmas gifts

Warhol Pop Art canvas print of a boy with long hair in four corners

Pop Art Warhol – an introduction

Just recently I introduced you to Pop Art in general (and I really do hope you have read the blog entry and enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it). This time I would like to devote a few lines to the famous artist Andy Warhol whose artwork inspired us in more than one sense but especially for our Pop Art photos in Warhol style. Hopefully you will be able to find some imaginative and artistic gift ideas using his revolutionary Pop Art technique!

The roots of Pop Art Warhol – where it all began

Andy Warhol (1928 – 1987) was an American artist and one of the leading exponents of the Pop Art movement in the 1960s. From his early childhood he was interested in comics and films which led him to his own creative early works. Through his graphic design studies with a degree in painting and design and a few years of working as one of the most famous graphic designers in Manhattan he eventually found the way to follow his own artistic canvas prints ideas and works. His most famous and valuable artwork is the reproduced and reworked image of Marylin Monroe; one image duplicated and transformed in various shades and colours.

Your own Warhol as artwork on photo furnishings

Exactly this kind of art work inspired us for our Pop Art Warhol to give our customers the opportunity to turn their own photos into an amazing and unique eye-catching work of art. Perfect as Christmas Gifts for friends and family or just for finding a new masterpiece for the decoration of the living room. It doesn’t always have to be a photo canvas with the Pop Art Warhol; it can be everything from blankets and personalised cushions to an Acrylic photo block or even personalised roller blinds. Find your very own photo furnishings and be on top with your designs and creative way of living.

An amazing photo canvas with your Pop Art Warhol

A photo canvas is one of the best loved photo gifts and Christmas gifts and of course we understand why. How could we not understand and see the beauty that lies within a photo canvas with unique and personal photos, artworked by talented designers and magically turned into vivid Pop Art photos? Did you know that Warhol himself loved working with canvases in the size of 100cm x 100 cm? Most of his artwork is in this size – and guess what, besides other sizes we do have exactly this size for our photo canvas too!

Call it coincidence or call it destiny- either way, you’d better hurry up and choose the right photo for your Pop Art Warhol and your stunning Christmas gifts!

Colourful Warhol Pop Art photo canvas of a girl putting her fingers over her eyes

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