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Valentines Day Photo Calendar

Page of a calendar with a couple in a pool and a love heart pattern

As it’s only the beginning of February 2011 photo calendars are fantastic Valentine’s day gifts. Have the calendar start in February followed by 11 months of fabulous calendar pages. Personalised calendars have the advantage of being personalised down to each and every photo per month and you can also add captions – messages of love. You can choose between three different design templates for the calendar which all have different font types and cute details. The front cover of the photo calendars are designed by you, add a photo and caption that sums it all up and give the receiver a taste of what’s inside the Valentines Day Photo Calendar.

For couples these personalised calendars are just great. If you live together you can adore the photos each day together and if you live apart the photos will remind you of you darling. Photos from your relationship so far will tell your love story on each month of the year. If you want to be really creative and have a bit of time on your hands, you can find a photo from each month last year and put that photo with the matching month for 2011 and add a memory caption. Holiday photos are ideal, add photos from one single holiday and add captions connected to what’s going on in the photo. It’s a love and memory fest all in one! If you have been looking for personal Valentine’s day gifts then look no further.

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