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Turn Your Digital Photo Into Tapestry

One tapestry rolled up next to a tapestry with a beach on it

Perfect for the needlework or embroidery lover, a tapestry is a canvas that has the photograph or image of your choosing printed on it. By sending your digital photo and your blank canvas to Bags of Love we can use high quality printing processes to print the picture on to the canvas and then send it back to you so that you can follow the image as a pattern. Whether you love needlework yourself or you know somebody that would appreciate a personalised embroidery canvas to work on, personalised tapestries are a great and unique product.

A digital photo of your favourite place and we’ll send you the personalised canvas so that you can stitch it and then hang it in your home. You could even use a digital photo of your house or one of any subject whatsoever. Up to a metre in length and even longer by order, personalised tapestries make a great way to personalise your living room, dining room, or any room in the house.

Bags of Love has many unique home décor items as well as a superb range of personalised photo gift. If canvas is your thing but you aren’t skilled at needlework then we can supply a photo canvas print instead – your image or digital photo is printed onto high quality, natural canvas and returned to you within a matter of days so that you can enjoy a personalised picture on your wall. Our high quality personalised photo items such as the photo canvas have many different applications and most have a superb range of options and very fast turnaround times too.


  • We have a postcard of sunflowers in a basket that we would like to make up into a tapestry canvas. We are in Britain so our definition of tapestry is continuous half cross stitch (possibly also called long stitch?) Our required size would be about 68cm X 50cm for the actual print – not including the surrounding blank bit required for framing. We could go larger but no smaller. Is this possible?

  • Hi Carol

    Yes it should be possible to print this on tapestry canvas if the image is clear. You will need a good scan of the image if you don’t already have one. Please make sure the scan is just of the image without white space from the scanner bed. We can print it 68cm X 50cm and this falls into our £45 charge bracket. You will need to select if you want 10, 12 or 14 stitches per inch. Order here when ready http://www.bagsoflove.co.uk/tapestry/ and we can get this posted within 1 – 2 days.

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