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Tooth Fairy Cushion

Is your child at that age where he or she frequently expects visits from the tooth fairy? With the Tooth Fairy Cushion, the tooth will never get lost and it is a cute way to welcome the tooth fairy. Each Tooth Fairy Cushion is personalised with the child’s name on it for that extra individual touch. Also, each Tooth Fairy Cushion is printed on soft textile, and then sewed together by hand on our premises in London. Just put the milk tooth in the tooth pocket on the top of the pillow, and wait. The tooth fairy will be able to find it easily and replace it with money or a little treat. There is no zip closure or a press stud, so the tooth is very accessible when the child is sleeping. The Tooth Fairy Cushion also makes a good gift for another young child who is also expecting visits from the tooth fairy. It would also make a good Easter gift, since that is coming up in about a week’s time. Be sure that the tooth fairy will come to your child in style with the Tooth Fairy Cushion.

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