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Tapestry Prints

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Unique gift ideas

For totally unique gift ideas for anyone you know and love, tapestry prints could be the answer. We print on polyester coated cotton with an interlocking, close weave. Needlepoint stitches cover the whole fabric and the quality will blow you away. Create your very own imaginative works of art with tapestry prints that will bring a smile to any recipient!

Quick delivery and excellent quality

Only the best quality materials are used and your tapestry prints can be sent same day with next day delivery. There is a choice of 10, 12 or 13 Needlepoint counts to choose from, so you will be able to get the perfect tapestry print custom made to your specifications. Full colour printing with BagsofLove – completely personalised and delivers astounding results.

Your best photos on beautiful prints

Use those wonderful images of your beach holiday to Tenerife with your family and let the enjoyment captured perfectly in those photos give life to your bland walls! Don’t be afraid to bring some colour and vibrancy into your home with tapestry prints of the photos that are so important to you. Take the plunge and design your very own magnificent works of art with excellent quality tapestry prints to last a lifetime – and longer.

tapestry print of waves lapping against the shoreline on a beautiful summer's day

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