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Photo Coasters


Photo coasters of party images

Cool Gifts From Your Photos

If you are in need of some gift ideas for cool gifts look no further than photo gifts. Really, what is cooler than gifts with your photos on them? We sure can’t think of any! Gift ideas using photos are easily customised by you and easily made by us but they don’t look that way to the receiver and that’s what makes these cool gifts so cool. Photo coasters are a great example of cool gifts using your photos – they are useful as well as they have an element of novelty and fun.

Glossy Photo Coasters

Some home accessories – towels, mugs, china and so on – can be pretty boring gift ideas but there is nothing boring about photo coasters. These glossy coasters will make a stunning addition to someone’s kitchen or living room for everyday use and entertaining guests. The photo coasters can be made in a set of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 and they can all feature the same image or all different. Photos of friends, pets, holidays, flowers or famous images or patterns can be added to these cool gifts.

Photo Coasters Gift Ideas

Photo coasters make excellent gift ideas for so many occasions. They are great as housewarming gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and thank you gifts. Why not surprise a mate by having photo coasters made with photos of your group of mates? Each of your mates could be given a photo coaster each for when you get together at your mates house for a couple of beers and a football match. They will find it hilarious placing their beer on a photo of themselves!

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