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Personalised Tin Boxes

Why don’t you try our personalised tin boxes? Just like the photo boxes or jewellery boxes these tin boxes are great little storage boxes or ideal gift ideas as memento boxes. They are great simply on their own or as part of another gift. You could bake sweets or cookies and place them in a personalised tin box for a friend who has a sweet tooth. Are you giving your girlfriend concert tickets on her birthday? Make a tin box with a photo of the two of you on it and place the tickets in the tin for a fabulous gift wrap.

If your best friend or sibling is moving away it is a great opportunity to create a memento box. Cinema tickets, photos, cut outs and receipts in a personalised tin box will bring out emotions! Or if you are a collector of any sort getting some tin boxes for your own hobby isn’t a bad idea at all. The gift ideas options are endless with these sleek tin boxes! This is what a recent customer said about our tin boxes:

“I have NEVER left a feedback, but in this case I felt the need to do so, as the product and service by Bags of Love was absolutely first class. I ordered my item on the 5th and it arrived on the 8th, so excellent service, and secondly I am so pleased with the photo tin especially as you don’t show exactly how the text will appear on it, I fully expected it to be block capitals across the top, so was delighted to see that you “created” a beautiful scroll format which was placed in a convenient area of the tin. I will definitely use this site again, and thank you once again for excellent service and a high standard product.”

Tin with a picture of a couple

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