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Personalised Oyster Card Holder

If you travel in London a lot, then it’s highly likely that you are going to use the tubes very frequently. And each and every time that you get on and off the service, you will need to take out your oyster card holder to touch in and out at the station barriers. This tedious process could be livened up greatly by the addition of beautiful and very cool oyster card holders to keep your card safe and sound. They make fabulous gifts for your friends and family because they are so useful and so helpful in everyday life. If you use the Underground as much as I do, you will know that something like this can really make a difference to someone’s day. Every time they take out their oyster card holder personalised with a photo of you and them together on holiday last year, they will be reminded of that fantastic memory that will fill them with joy.photo oyster card cover


Oyster card holders for your friends and family


Oyster card holders are practical presents that are so useful for all tube users of all ages! These are great for kids because it will hopefully help them not to lose this important item as they move about during the day. It serves a double purpose because it is so secure but also very stylish, so this is definitely a top gift for someone special if you are struggling for unique ideas! Use any photos you like to achieve some truly awesome effects, and even add a personal message of love, friendship, or affection for an original touch.

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