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Personalised iphone case

Personalised Iphone case

If you are looking for original christmas gifts ideas, and you’re not fancy on spending a fortune, then the personalised Iphone case is the right answer for you. Personalised Iphone case can be customized by printing photos, photo montages, or any other type of graphic directly onto the case cover.  The print is not a sticker that could easily come off after a short time. Light and durable the personalised Iphone case can be easily removed, which means that if you like change, you could theoretically have a different iphone cover every day of the week.

Cover Iphone 4

Our Personalised Iphone case is tailored for the iPhone 4. It is not available in earlier models (2 iphone – iphone 3g or 3), but will be immediately available when the iPhone 4s is released. You may customize the Iphone 4 cover with any photo and use it both as an idea for an original gift or as a way to not pass unnoticed with your Iphone. Delivery times for custom iphone are about 2 working days, which is another good reason to dress up your iPhone in an original and personal way.

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