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Gift Ideas For The Homebound

Mum with two kids on floor cushion and small cushion with bags of love written on it

This is our largest floor cushion that measures 120x90cm. You may think becasue of its size the floor cushion would be heavy but that’s not the case. The floor cushions are filled with polystyrene beads which is the secret to their airy lightness. So they are great for living room and other lounge areas, there even light enough for the kids to move around themselves. These floor cushions make great gift ideas from your photos.

They are perfect for movie nights, playing tv games and socialising. Lazy sundays will be lazier than ever! This is more like a piece of furniture than just a cushion. Personalise the cushions by pictures of your choice and add text if you want. They are excellent gift ideas for busy families with kids or people who just can’t get enough of chilling around the house. Gift ideas from your photos will surprise the receiver!

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