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Personalised Door Mat

The last thing homeowners want is for children and guests to drag in dirt and mud with their messy shoes. Guests know that it is polite to wipe their feet at the front door, to prevent mess. But it is up to you to provide the mat to do so! And trust us, you do not want any old mat sitting at the front of your door. Door mats are the first thing people notice when entering your home, so don’t you want it to be bright and friendly, showing your guests that your home is warm and welcoming? We offer custom made door mats that are nothing short of excellent and will definitly leave visitors knowing how hospitable your family is.

Our personalised door mats, will make you smile every time you come home or leave the house. Just by looking at your family photos printed on the mats, or the images you choose, your day is bound to get a little bit better. Just imagine: waking up early for work, no time for coffee, not to mention you are having a bad hair day or cut yourself shaving. Days like these force us back under the covers, and make us want to quit working in general. But after dragging yourself out of bed, running downstairs, and running out the door to catch your train for the dreaded commute, you look down and see the shining faces of your family on the door mat, and you know the day has some hope afterall. It’s little touches like this that we pride ourselves at bags of love. We truly strive to make sure the images you choose will make you smile, no matter what product we print them on.

Another great idea for our door mats is to print reminders of things you may need before running out the door. Look below to see an order we just received of important reminders. Silly and fun, these messages really do go a long way! If you go with this idea, you really will notice how frequently you remember all the things you need before starting your day!

Christmas is in just a few short weeks, and these mats are brilliant for this holiday season! So what are you waiting for? Go on our website, and add your own photos to our rubber backed door mats for a personalised household gift.  Each door mat will be special and unique!

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