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Personalised Calendars

Three calendars with photos on them

Calendars are a useful tool. They are both practical and stylish and provide a perfect Christmas gift to take into the New Year, but is that it? No. Whilst the traditional calendar may serve those purposes the same can not be said for the Bags Of Love photo calendar, the personalised gift that does more than just mark the beginning and end of the year.

With a personalised photo calendar anything goes; any picture for any month, text that tells a story or maybe just complements the photos. If you want it on there you can have it. And they don’t just have to start in January either. Unlike the conventional calendar, the personalised photo equivalent can begin whenever required, can last for as long as required, and can include whatever you require.

This makes them perfect gift ideas. They can mark an important event; they can start on a birthday on an anniversary. The monthly photos are carefully chosen by you with accompanying text. You can mark all the months of the year any way you want and make the year just what you wish for it to be for you and your loved ones.

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