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New: Personalised Lunch Bag For Kids

Custom Insulated Lunch Bag

Here at Bags Of Love we work very hard to bring out the most useful, beautiful, and awesome personalised gifts that you can customise with your favourite family photos. Our newest product (we are so excited about it!) is our fabulous personalised lunch bag for kids. Every child needs to take their lunch to school, but too often they dump it in their rucksack or carry it in something that easily breaks. Give them a colourful, vibrant, and durable photo lunch bag – they will most definitely be the envy of their entire year!


The handle on top of the product is very comfortable and gives the product fantastic portability, and you can choose from six colours for the border. Personalise both sides with your favourite photos from your last holiday or from that special occasion in your home, and even add text with the names of each person in the image. The interior is water resistant, which keeps the food cool and tasty for the hallowed lunch break during a day at school!

personalised photo kids lunch bags

Custom Printed Lunch Bags For Children


The lunch bags that you design even include an interior elastic strap for holding the drinks and the food, which keeps them safe from tumbling over and spilling out during the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Perhaps you could customise the lunch bag with some holiday photos or with a montage of the child’s favourite movies or favourite book covers! Get creative with your designs on the material and give a unique birthday or Christmas gift to the lucky boy or girl!


Think about the colour of the canvas material that surrounds both photos. For example, if your photo features a lot of red, you might like to choose the bright blue for the canvas. Alternatively, if your photo is bright and light, perhaps yellow would not be best for the surrounding hue. Maybe a black or a green would suit the design better. The HD satin allows the photo lunch bag to  have the best possible image reproduction, and our designers will work carefully with your photos to ensure that your photo lunch bag is a gift to last throughout childhood. Give a bit of zing to lunchtime with these vivid and vibrant creations.


My Photo On Lunch Bags


Add a bit of fun and creativity to lunch time by replacing the boring covering with a fabulous photo lunch bag that you design online. Our reviews and testimonials always praise our preview system for being top quality and very easy to use, so simply upload your photo to get the ball rolling!  Say goodbye to bruised sandwiches, squashed cartons and squished bananas, and say hello to the revolution in lunch bags!


custom lunch bag of a girl playing in water

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