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Make It A ‘Banksy’ Christmas

Three diffrent images in the style of Banksy with a christmas tree branches frame

Here are the top three Christmas gifts your family members are excepting from you this Christmas; Books, DVD’s and socks. Wouldn’t you like to change that this year? Here are the top three Christmas gifts your family members WON’T expect for Christmas from you; Banksy photo canvas prints, Banksy photo canvas prints and Banksy photo canvas prints. So what should you get them for Christmas? Banksy canvas prints!

Unoriginal Christmas gifts are certainly not on anyone’s wish list this Christmas so make sure you are the King or Queen of original Christmas gifts this Christmas 2010. You could scour through shops and department stores for days and days to try and find original and creative Christmas gifts but you won’t find any! Shops offer the same old Christmas gifts they do every year so don’t even waste your time.

By simply sitting on your computer in the privacy of your home you can create the most unique Christmas gifts ever. It’s hassle-free and easy but it will make you the most popular member of the family on Christmas Day. Graffiti artist Banksy has been the talk of the town in the Art industry the past couple of years because of his controversial street art. His work is also very popular with the masses.

With the help of Bags Of Love you can create Banksy-style photo canvas prints for the entire family. Pick portrait photos of your family members and upload them to us and we’ll take care of the rest. Our Banksy design effect will make your mum or dad the star in a street themed photo canvas very similar to the works of Banksy. Make it a Banksy Christmas!

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