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Kitchen Additions

After awhile, you feel as though your kitchen has become boring and need a way to change it up. After a bit of spring cleaning (as we are now in the spring season), you could probably do with some simple additions to brighten up the room. We have a few products that will help you to spruce up your kitchen with a few simple items.

Fridge Magnet Letters

Fridge magnets are always a good way to give a well-used appliance a makeover. The fridge magnet letters are fired and glazed here in west London by the designer Jo. Made with finest porcelain, she stamps each and every one using new and vintage printing stamps as well as locally found ad hoc objects. Each letter comes in different colours too, for a unique look.  Everything is then finished in soft and subtle wash over colours. The fridge magnets are quirky and fun, and they make for a great new addition to a fridge.

Personalised placemats and personalised coasters

These will be the talking points of your guests when they dine on your set of personalised placemats. Choose your own designs or photos to put on it, and you could even add a message if you want to use them for a special event, like Valentine’s Day. The photos are printed deep into the material, so you don’t have to worry about it fading or coming off. The personalised placemats and personalised coasters both come with a super gloss finish and are built tough enough to withstand hot plates and spills. Both also can be wiped to clean. The personalised coasters can be put on the coffee table in the sitting room to prevent spills when the lads come over to watch the match. Both the personalised coasters and the personalised placemats are great practical kitchen additions that will brighten it up.

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