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Graduation Portraits On Photo Canvas

The day has finally arrived, just as you started to think it never would. Be it from college, or university, graduation has arrived! You have finally reached the goal and it’s time to celebrate.

Knowing friends and family were all there watching the ceremony while flashing away with their cameras, meant so much to you and now you have another big decision to make…..what are you going to do with all those photos? A graduation portrait on a photo canvas would be great way to commemorate the day.

Why not try photos on canvas for the aunties? Its durable and well made and you can have it delivered as a great surprise, right to their door with same day dispatch for next day delivery. And what better way to thank mum and dad, than to give them a cherished moment on a framed print, one that they can remember over and over. This will be photo canvas printing with an emotional touch to it!

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