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Gift Ideas For Everyone – Photo Cushions!

a dog, a white building and a teddy on three different cushions

Our popular high-quality cushions make marvellous gift ideas for anyone at any age. Personalised photo cushions make perfect gift ideas for so many occasions as well. Your daughter will love a cushion for her room featuring her favourite teddy on her birthday, a pet lover will swoon over a cushion with her beloved dog for Christmas and a photo cushions of you and your loved one makes a smashing Valentine’s Day gift. All year around these cushions make ideal gift ideas for all ages.

There is so much you can do with our personalised photo cushions. Holiday photos, nature shoots, pet snaps and patterns can be printed on the photo cushions that can turn your living room sofa from drab to fab! Or maybe your friend’s living room is in desperate need of some colour then these cushions make excellent gift ideas. If you have a business with any type of waiting room area, having photo cushions done to put on sofas or armchairs will spice up your business in no time.

You may have seen cheap looking personalised photo cushions before and hesitate to buy some, but once you see the amazing quality of our cushions – you’ll never look back. When you lay your eyes on high-grade velvet material with beautiful photo reproduction and elegant details you will fall in love with our personalised home gifts. The cushions are padded with duck feathers for stunning quality and if any accidents happen you can just throw the cover in the washing machine. Cushions extraordinaire!


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