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Free Photo Calendars

Visual instructions on how to make a photo calendar

Did you know that we offer you a free personalised photo calendar on our website? Our great design and option to add a personalised message makes this one of the best free calendars on the net. Other websites might give you free calendars templates but it most likely won’t include you adding a personal message! We are all about personalising so even our free product must be personalised.

It’s as easy as one, two, three to get your hands on these printable free calendars. Simply upload the photo of your choice, choose a caption to go on the calendar (Happy Birthday Mum, Happy New Year Tom and Susie) and choose the month you want the calendar to start with. It’s as easy as that getting free printable photo calendars with Bags Of Love.

Then we send if off to your e-mail ready for you to print! The PDF we send you makes a perfect A4 or A3 print. You could even send it on to other people if they want to print one off too! The one page printable photo calendars have 12 months on half of the page and your image on the other half. Take full advantage of this offer on neat free calendars. With Love from Bags Of Love

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