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Make Your Digital Photos Into Framed Photo Prints

Never got around to print those favourite picures you want around the house? Never got around to buy the frames either? Finding the right size frame you like for your pictures can be a hassle, you may not have the measurement of the photo in the shop and you end up buying a too small or large frame!  We have the perfect solution for you – framed photo prints.

Print that digital photo and frame it at the same time and have them delivered to your home. It doesn’t get any more comfortable and stress-free than that! These stylish non breakable  frames with a solid built-in stand goes perfectly anywhere in your home and matches with anything becasue they are so simple. The framed photo prints are supberb gift ideas for home. The frame looks like glass but it’s not but its super glossy surface give the impression it is, but you don’t need to worry about shattered glass around the children if the frame was to fall to the floor. Perfect!

Choose between a pack of three in size 6×4″ (A6) or 8×6″ (A5). This is also a great photo gift for anyone who never gets around to frame pictures! Make your digital photo come to life right now.

Five framed photo prints with different photos

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