Personalised Bags Range

  • Personalized Make Up Bags

    Personalised Makeup Bags


    Ready same Day.

    Personalised photo make up bag printed on satin and custom made for you or friends and family as beautiful personal gift. Clutch bags.

  • Washbag Men's

    Photo Washbag For Men


    Ready same Day.

    Mans wash bag personalised with photo or text and custom made to order. You design online in our instant design system. Leather or canvas wash bag (..)

  • Photo Handbags

    Photo Handbags


    Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

    High quality personalised photo handbag with satin print custom made for you. These quality photo bags comes in two sizes in Italian soft sheen or (..)

  • Wash Bags

    Personalised Wash Bags


    Ready same Day.

    Ladies wash bag personalised with photos or text to make a great gift for lady. Custom printed and made to order. You design online instantly. We (..)

  • Personalised Zip Top Handbag

    Custom Zip Top Handbag


    Ready same Day.

    Design your own zip top handbag personalised with your favourite photos and text. 100% secure zip top shoulder bags.

  • Design your own purse

    Design your own purse


    Ready same Day.

    Photo purse or mini make up bag. Ideal for most phones and cameras too. Personalised with photo or text and makes a unique gift.

  • Personalised Zip Top Pouch

    Personalised Zip Top Pouch


    Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

    Made from 3.5mm thick quality Neoprene, this Personalised Zip Top Pouch for men and women is perfect to store all your make up and grooming items.

  • personalised glasses pouch

    Glasses Pouch


    Ready in 2 day(s)

    Super protective pouch for reading glasses or sunglasses. Custom printed and way cool with snap to closure making a neat personal pouch for (..)

  • Custom Shopping Bags

    Custom Shopping Bags


    Ready same Day.

    Personalised photo shopper bag. Italian soft sheen vinyl with leather handles. Canvas bags, big and roomy so ideal for gym or shops!

  • Personalised Leather Purse

    Personalised Leather Purse


    Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

    Made from beautiful high quality leather, and with several secure compartments, our Personalised zip top women's wallet makes the perfect gift for (..)

  • personalised pencil case

    Fabric Pencil Case


    Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

    Personalised pencil cases made with soft material that divers suits are made from too. Design your custom pencil case now and see before you buy.

  • Lunch Bags

    Lunch Bags


    Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

    Insulated lunch bags personalised with photo and text. Great as kids lunch bags. Striking colour and design. Unique and personalised so won't get (..)

  • custom tote bag

    Custom Tote Beach Bag


    Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

    Hit the beach with your own custom beach bags. A tote for the sun and sand person personalised with images and or text on beachbags.

  • Holdalls



    Ready in 2 - 4 day(s)

    Custom canvas holdall personalised with photos or text in our instant online design system. Deep black canvas or black Italian nappa leather holdall. (..)

  • Personalised Clutch Bag

    Clutch Bag


    Ready in 1-2 day(s)

    Design your very own photo clutch bag! Our Personalised Clutch Bag is an exciting new accessory at Bags of Love and is already a favourite in the (..)

  • Personalised Messenger Bag

    Personalised Messenger Bag


    Ready same Day.

    Design your own personalised messenger bag with your favourite photos and text. Ideal to place your books, tablets and other accessories.

  • Graffiti Bags

    Graffiti Bags


    Ready in 3 day(s)

    Personalised Bag - Graffiti Style. Choose from these fantastic bag design schemes and have them personalised with words. Work best with 4 to 8 words (..)

  • personalised swimming bags

    Personalised Swim Bags


    Ready same Day.

    Personalised swim bags and swimming bags for kids.

  • Drawstring Sports Bag

    Drawstring Sports Bag


    Ready same Day.

    Personalise your own drawstring sports swimming bag with action shots of your son or daughter. Great for gym school or trips. Won't get lost or (..)

  • Custom Backpack

    Custom Backpack


    Ready in 2 - 3 day(s)

    Fashionable back pack. Custom backpack for designers, travellers. Leather backpack for women who like fashionable bags and rucksacks.

  • toy sack

    Toy Sack


    Ready in 2 day(s)

    Toy sack of love. Personalised corded large draw string sacks custom made and printed with your text for toys and stuff. Good for Christmas sacks (..)

  • Personalized Santa Sacks

    Personalised Santa Sacks


    Ready same Day.

    Santa Sack Of love. A personalised corded draw string sack custom made and printed with your text. Christmas sacks of love.

  • personalised christmas stocking

    Christmas Stocking


    Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

    Personal Christmas stockings printed and sewn. Customise with your images and text, perfect for creating childhood memories.

  • Booty Bag For Men

    Booty Bag


    Ready in 2 day(s)

    Custom printed and personalised oblong bag stitched and bound into a beautiful neat and high quality, luxury unique gift. Quirky and (..)

Create Designer Personalised Bags With Us

We have been producing a wide range of distinctive and exclusive bags since 2003. We have a facility that allows us to print the textiles, leathers, neoprenes and other image surfaces, that we then cut out according to our in house patterns and sew and construct to order. This surprises many people. Often the first thing people think about is that we print on blanks - no so. We take great care to create the pieces as unique and exclusive products on behalf of our customers. Naturally we urge you to try.

Initially the first models we developed were classic photo handbags and accessory make up bags perfect for personalised photo bags. We designed them so the photo aspect ratio shape fits the product well without cropping.

Today with the benefit of our bespoke design software we are able to present all our photo bags in an on-line design system where you can design and fit photos with confidence on our bags. People create them in wonderful combinations of photos, montages, graphic designs, and text giving the customer something completely unique. Each and every single bag we make is lovingly made to order, one at a time by our skilled in-house makers and seamstresses. The range of shapes, sizes, and trims means there is a suitable bag here for everyone including bags for men. We put the design in your hands on our system, tools that are easy and free for you to use.

Manufactured in London UK

Over the years we have developed a very talented team and wonderful full service facility where we conduct all our printing, production and manufacturing. Our facility in West London is full of printers, presses, sewing machines, cutting tables, gluing stations, and production labs. Where others overprint ready made low grade Chinese import blanks, our personalised bags are manufactured in front of us from raw materials so we can moderate the quality and the time line for production of your order.

The quality is so good they last a lifetime and come with a 2 year guarantee. Because we make them on our premises our customised bags can be delivered in days. Most styles can be made for next day delivery so if you want an exciting designer bag with your creative work on it, then design one right here.