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Aprons - 'Dacha' in 'Folktale Designs'

By Folktale Designs

Made in the UK Made in the UK

'Dacha' Apron in 'Folktale Designs' from Friends of Chernobyl's Children - Lancaster. 'Dachas' are part of Belarusian life. City dwellers go to their country 'Dachas' to grow fruit and vegetables to store for the winter. After the Chernobyl disaster areas of Belarus will remain contaminated for thousands of years, this includes the soil and all that grows in it. By buying a 'Dacha' apron from 'Folktale Designs', Friends of Chernobyl's Children - Lancaster can help re-build a child's immune system by giving a month of uncontaminated food in the UK.

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'Folktale Designs' is created by Friends of Chernobyl's Children - Lancaster in partnership with Bags of Love; 20% from every product sold in 'Folktale Designs' Store will go to FOCC Lancaster exclusive of any costs relating to VAT or delivery.  FOCC Lancaster is a Local Group of FOCC GB, see for further information on the charity.

Charity No.1145175

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