Folktale Designs

We are raising funds for Friends of Chernobyl's Children - Lancaster. We are part of the FOCC GB Charity ( who bring over disadvantaged children from areas of Belarus still affected by the Chernobyl Disaster in 1986 for a month-long stay with host families in the UK.


These designs were drawn by Shushanik, who is the grandmother of Samvel, one of our visiting children from Belarus. He came on his first visit to Lancaster in 2017, age seven. He lives in a small village with his mother and father, grandmother and younger brother and sister. His house has no running water and an outside toilet.


The pictures drawn by Shushanik show the beauty and traditions of Belarus. However, since the Chernobyl Reactor explosion in 1986 large areas of Belarus remain contaminated by the nuclear fallout, affecting the health of the population of Belarus. Friends of Chernobyl's Children has to raise over £600 per child each year to bring them over to the UK for a month-long visit for fresh air, recuperation and fun. We would like to share some of these Folktale Designs with you to raise funds for FOCC-Lancaster.


Help us to help them.


Photo credit: Osinovka Village, Jim Cowan

Lancaster, Lancashire

Folktale Designs

Folktale Designs drawn by Samvel's grandmother, Shushanik, raise awareness of areas of Belarus still contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.