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I'm a nature lover & I can't help but be interested in the birds & animals are live around me. Owls have always been a favourite. My father always told me I was 'owl born'. When we were little, he encouraged me & my brothers to draw & keep a journal. As a result, we are all artists. These owl & bird designs are taken from some of my latest paintings. They are made using a combination of painting, stenciling & printing. The birds have been painted in using Chinese black ink. I love using potatoes as my hand carved printing 'blocks'.  They don't last long & this forces me to keep making new blocks, keeping the paintings all fresh & unique. I love my kitchen table & my kitchen is always my favourite studio space.

Masks to keep you safe & a collection of mugs, trays, tea towels & a very difficult jigsaw puzzle are here for you to order. Enjoy!


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