The Wild Side - Captivating Animal designs on Homeware, Clothing & Accessories

I’m so fortunate to have seen wildlife in their natural environment and find it hard to accept that the generations after me may never again get the opportunity to do so. I have chosen this small collection of animals to start The Wild Side Collection from my portfolio and will be adding more over time. My challenge is to portray as many Endangered, Vulnerable and Threatened species as possible, but as the list is steadily increasing, I realise that it is going to be a lifelong project. These animal designs have been digitally adapted from the original artwork and produced to help raise awareness and funds for our dwindling Wildlife population.  

By buying any product from The Wild Side collection, you are doing your bit for our endangered wildlife because 10%* from every product sold from this Collection is donated to the Cat Survival Trust, a UK registered charity conserving all species of endangered wild cats ( 

* exclusive of VAT and Delivery costs.

Definitively Different is a diverse range of products featuring Floral Abstract and Wildlife designs created by artist and illustrator, Caroline Evans. Thank you for visiting!

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