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Photo Book Boxes


Three different size flat boxes with photos on covers

Protect Beloved Photo Books

When you’ve taken the time to create someone stunning personalised gifts like the photo book – filled with memories – why not go the extra mile and add a photo book box? The photo book boxes work as perfect storage boxes for the gorgeous paper photo books. Those special photo books filled with wedding day photos, childhood memories or holiday adventures deserve to be kept away from dust and sunshine which may damage or tarnish the photo books.

Photo Book Boxes For Storage

They may be books but personalised photo books are very different from the other paperback books kept in your book shelf. Because these are books which tell the extraordinary story of someone’s life – no fiction in sight! For memento photo books such as wedding photo books or baby photo books it is certainly essential to store them in photo book boxes so that they remain in great shape throughout a long period of time. The photo book boxes are also equally stunning as the photo books so both make fantastic personalised gifts.

Personalise The Photo Book Boxes

These personalised photo book boxes can feature any photo – one from inside the photo book or a totally different one. Add text and numbers as well, ideal if the photo books are wedding anniversary gifts. The photo book boxes come in the same three sizes as the photo books; A3, A4 and A5. Our other books like the visitor’s books and the book of love also fit these handmade storage boxes. Order the photo book box alongside the photo book, visitors book or book of love so that the two items can be made and delivered at the same time.

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