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Aprons - 'Bird and Birch'

By Folktale Designs

Made in the UK Made in the UK

'Bird and Birch' Apron in 'Folktale Designs' from Friends of Chernobyl's Children - Lancaster. Every spring in Belarus it is a national tradition to drink the sap from birch trees. It is seen as a restoring drink. 'Friends of Chernobyl's Children - Lancaster' brings children from contaminated areas of Belarus to live with local host families for their health and wellbeing. By buying a 'Bird and Birch' apron from 'Folktale Designs', Friends of Chernobyl's Children - Lancaster can help re-build a child's immune system by giving a month of uncontaminated food in the UK.

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'Folktale Designs' is created by Friends of Chernobyl's Children - Lancaster in partnership with Bags of Love; 20% from every product sold in 'Folktale Designs' Store will go to FOCC Lancaster exclusive of any costs relating to VAT or delivery.  FOCC Lancaster is a Local Group of FOCC GB, see for further information on the charity.

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