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Real Simple DIY Superhero Costumes

spiderman costume

Although it might be a tad late to make a costume for Halloween, one doesn’t need a reason to show off their talents. We all love superheroes from Superman to Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and the list is endless, if I were to name all. As childish as it may sound, we all want to disguise ourselves in our favourite superhero costume but are often hindered by the right costume size, the supplier, the type of fabric or the cost of  the material. This is where BagsOfLove comes into play. We have built a user-friendly design interface where one simply needs to 1) choose the fabric, 2) upload their superhero design with measurements, 3) place your order and voilà! your design costume is already on its way. To give you an example, this is a recent order we received from a customer – a Spider-Man costume on Lycra fabric.



All you need to do is, cut it and sew it.

As much as we loved working on this design, we really want to spare you from the headache of going around looking for costumes. So whether you’re a designer with your own creative patterns, a mother looking to print her kids halloween costumes or someone in search of a prom night dress, your costume is really just a few clicks away. We offer a wide range of fabrics with no minimum order. Your design will be printed using the dye sublimation printing technique which triggers the print to be fused deep into the textile fabrics for a lasting effect. And if you are unsure on what fabric will suit your costume the best, you can always order a sample print.

So what superhero costume do you plan to design?

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