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Birthday Gifts And Christmas Gift Ideas

When it’s Nan’s birthday or Christmas has come again you’ll need great gift ideas for your Nan. There is nothing your Nan loves as much as you, her precious grandchildren, so incorporate photos of yourself in the gift ideas for Nan. There are numerous ways of personalising gift ideas for your Nan but some of them will be more appropriate for your Nan than others. For example an iPad case might not be of any help to your 70-year old Nan!

Appropriate Gift Ideas

Gift ideas with photos of her grandchildren which your Nan can look at over and over in the comfort of her own are the most appropriate for a mature lady. But if your Nan is fit as a fiddle there are also great gift ideas which she can use outside the house whilst doing errands. Our personalised photo books and photo albums are perfect for at home use as she can enjoy these elegant books over and over.

Photo Albums For Photo Prints

The cover of both the photo books and photo albums are personalised with a photo of your choice or a smaller photo montage. The photo albums are ideal if you have many photo prints of you and your Nan or of you and your siblings. We personalise the cover and then you place photos prints of your choice inside the photo albums. Each page of these high quality photo albums has parchment tissue interleaves for your convenience.

Handmade Photo Books For Nan

When you have many photos in digital form, or the possibility to scan photo prints, you can make your Nan high-quality photo books. Up to 50 photos can be printed onto the handmade photo books. The photo books are the ultimate in stylish and personal photo gift ideas for Nan. She will love seeing new and old photos printed straight onto the pages of photo books.

A Shopper Bag For The Active Nan

Superb gift ideas for the Nan who is still very much up and about is bags from our personalised bags range. The shopper bag is a fantastic choice for Nan as the shopper bags are convenient but still highly personalised. Chose a cute photo of yourself as a child or many family photos for a photo montage to go on shopper bags. This way she can proudly show off her grandchild whilst doing her food shopping in the supermarket with her shopper bag.

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