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Christmas gifts for collegues, friends and relatives

Personalising Christmas gifts with your digital photos is definitely one of the best ideas to create beautiful Xmass present for each person, family, friends or colleagues. You just need  to choose the right picture and turn a simple item into a unique christmas gift; you can also add a text message, a famous quote or a romantic saying dedicated to make your photo gifts even more special Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts for collegues

Which gift item you choose certainly depends on how many colleagues you have; anyway, a photo calendar with a bunch of funny pictures taken in the office would make nice christmas gifts for all colleagues. If there is someone among your colleagues who deserves a special attention … you can still customise your gift accordingly.

Christmas gifts for friends

Chances are you will be visitng many friends at christmas time.  Indeed,  Christmas etiquette  demands you show up bearing special gifts, so if you are deeply tired of always carrying the usual bottle of wine, then a photo jigsaw or personalised coaster and placemats will make a nice alternative to all your unusual and unsuprising christmas gifts for friends.

Christmas gifts for relatives

If you need ideas for christmas gifts for relatives who have emigrated abroad in search of a fortune, canvas prints with the photo of the family are the perfect gift. Canvas prints are classic and traditional photo gifts that allows your relatives to take away a beautiful photo to look fondly upon even if they are thousands of miles away from you. And if you want to go the extra mile, then add an elegant touch to your digital photos by ordering black and white canvas prints.

Christmas gifts for uncles and aunties

Unfortunately, almost all families have a nasty uncle who tells jokes which are not funny, or a disagreeable aunt who always complains about everything, from the room temperature to the color of the Christmas tree. If you need Christmas gifts for them, think of a holdall with the photo of an exotic paradise located on the other side of the world and a personalised dedication that says … bon voyage!

Christmas gifts for ex boyfriends or girlfriends

This is a burning issue, especially if the situation is not yet well defined. However, in this case using your photos is definitely a winning move;  thinking back of the good times spent together is always a pleasure. So for Christmas presents for ex boyfriends and girfriends we highly recommend photo blankets and photo cushion with the photo of your new partner and a message like: “I will always remember you, Merry Christmas!

couple and message on canvas

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