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Leaving Present Ideas For Teachers, Friends And Colleagues

 Heart pattern and text on a blue cushion

Say Goodbye With Leaving Present Ideas

Saying goodbye is hardly ever good fun. It is always sad when someone you enjoy spending time with suddenly leaves your life. That could be a colleague at your work place, a close friend or family member or a teacher at your child’s school. Moving to another country for work or a University degree is common these days so goodbyes are unfortunately part of our lives. But when it’s time to say goodbye it is always best to give the person leaving gifts to show them how much you care for them and to make them remember you.

Unique Personalised Leaving Gifts for colleagues

Personalised leaving gifts are ideal as they show appreciation to the fullest and the person will most definitely remember you when you are part of the gift! Photos, text or images can be placed on leaving gift ideas so that you shall forever stay in their memory. There are many ways of customising these personalised leaving gifts for friends, put a beautiful pattern and two lines of text on a cushion, place a photo montage on a blanket or why not make a Pop Art canvas print using a photo of yourself?

Leaving Present Ideas

Leaving gift ideas for teachers, friends and colleagues should ultimately represent the relationship you have with that person. A photo montage is superb for your very best friend who might be going off to America to pursue a University degree as there will be so many memories in the shape of photos. For a co-worker a photo montage might not be as appropriate but a lovely cushion with a pattern on certainly is. Make that goodbye slightly less awful by getting the person gorgeous personalised leaving present ideas.

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