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9 Stranger Things Gifts You NEED to Throw the Best Halloween Party

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Stranger Things Gifts to Customise For your Halloween Party

Very soon, Stranger Things will be returning from the Upside Down to take us on another 80s adventure with Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin & Lucas. The 27th of October to be precise. I’m already stocking the fridge with Eggos and chocolate pudding. This hit TV series took the Netflix addicted world by storm last year, and it instantly became a cult classic. From online lynch mobs seeking #JusticeforBarb to a sudden demand for frozen waffles, Stranger Things had us all on the edge of our seats. So with the first episode premiering 4 days before Halloween, it doesn’t take Sheriff Hopper to work out what this year’s party theme should be. The following Stranger Things gifts ideas should serve as all the inspiration you need to throw a super strange shindig even the Demogorgon would enjoy.

P.s. Credit for Stranger Things conceptual artwork included in these design ideas Mikhail Rakhmatullin

Will Byers ‘Missing Person’ Invites

Stranger things gifts missing person invites
Personalised postcards, packs of 16, 32, 48 or 80. From £12

Whilst you could just text your invites, this isn’t in keeping with the era of Stranger Things. Design postcards to send out as invitations, printed with your own version of the Will Byers missing person poster. You could use pictures of yourself instead, however I don’t advocate starting an unnecessary search party. You can hand write a proper invite and attach a stamp on the reverse, so your guests actually know where they’re going.

Christmas Lights Ouija Board Bunting

Ouija board bunting Stranger Things gifts
10m of bespoke bunting in triangle or square. From £34

Recreate the infamous Christmas lights Ouija board with custom printed bunting. As a way to communicate with her son Will, who was trapped in the Upside Down, Joyce Byers did what any mother would do and fashioned a Ouija board out of fairy lights. To give your guests extra chills, print out the word ‘Run’, which is what Will spelled out just before the Demogorgon came through the walls.

Upside Down Portal Banner

Indoor personalised banners in various sizes. From £49

The wall decorations continue, this time in the form of the hellish looking Upside Down portal. To make it look as realistic as possible, I have a couple of suggestions. Use your own wallpaper design behind the image of the portal, and secure tightly to the wall. After a few drinks, you might even see some guests try to climb through!

Eggos & Chocolate Pudding Plates & Apron

Personalised party plates pack of 2 or 4. From £16
Customised apron in 3 sizes. From £34

Does anything say Stranger Things more than Eggos and chocolate pudding? Eleven developed a slight addiction to those American waffle things (do they even have egg in them?) whilst Dustin’s unconditional love for chocolate pudding had girls feeling jealous of a processed dessert. Whilst these may have tasted good 20 years ago, chances are your guests have a more refined palette, but they can still be included in your Stranger Things party. Design your own plates and apron using pictures of the infamous Eggos and pudding.

RIP Barb Napkins

RIP Barb custom napkins
Customised napkins in packs of 2,4,6,8, 10 to 50. From £19

Poor Barb. Such an untimely exit. But despite her limited airtime, Barb has acquired a cult following of her own. Why did nobody look for her? Why was there no mourning? We need justice for Barb. A way to play tribute to Nancy Wheeler’s underrated best friend is with personalised napkins, printed with her picture and a RIP message of choice. They’re made from either 100% real cotton or polycotton, so there’s no need to discard of Barb at the end of the night.

Demogorgon Onesie & Hawkins High Jacket

Personalised onesie in sizes XXS-4XL. From £139
Hawkins High jacket
Bespoke bomber jacket in sizes XXS-4XL. From £85

Let’s face it. Most people are going to rock up to your Halloween party dressed as Eleven, Mike or Barb. RIP Barb. But somebody has to be the Demogorgon. An easy, and comfortable, way of doing this is with a personalised onesie. Who has time for paper mache and special effects? Not me. The hood can be printed with the terrifying lamprey-style mouth, so you can give people a scare on the sly. For those of you less ecstatic about the prospect of dressing up, you can always keep things simple with a Hawkins High jacket.

Dungeons & Dragons Beer Mat

dungeons and dragons stranger things gifts to customise
Personalised bar runner in 3 sizes. From £19

Stranger Things was a massive plug for the super retro Dungeons and Dragons game, but it might be a buzzkill to play at your Halloween do. Instead, design a personalised beer mat featuring a picture of the classic board game. If all this Stranger Things paraphernalia causes a sudden urge to play the role playing game, just fetch the dog, car and boot from your Monopoly set. Failing that, you can all just talk to one another.

‘Coming Through the Speakers’ Speaker Grille

Custom speaker grille cloth in bespoke sizes. From £19.50

As the bass comes through the speakers, so might the Demogorgon with this clever speaker grille cloth printed with an eerie 3D effect. Stranger Things gifts like this can be reused again and again, as let’s be honest, it’s a pretty cool design. You could screenshot any scene where something is trying to come through from the Upside Down, but I think a simple hand works best.

Feeling inspired? Well, fire up the walkie-talkie and tell your pals to get ready to have their world turned Upside Down! Browse our range of party decorations to customise for your Stranger Things Halloween party. Just click the banner below to start designing your Stranger Things gifts…

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